A print publication showcasing the space between design & culture.

Designed with Bethany Chan


Published & Shipped

80# Coated White, Paperback

The first issue of AREA focuses on SQ1 CON, an annual design conference founded by nonprofit Advanced Design, and is a visual journal that documents the behind the scenes process of the organization Advanced Design and its past conference and participants in San Francisco. Issue 1 highlights AD’s process to design and disrupt the conference experience for attendees, allowing them to be fully immersed in a city that lives and breathes design. This most recent conference became a playground for new ideas and challenging pre-existing models of the past. Due to the mobile nature of this year’s conference, Advanced Design asked attendees and speakers alike to become active participants in documenting their experiences—in short, showing us their conference experience through their eyes.

It tells the story of the community AD built in San Francisco within a few short months, through the close-knit, dense network of studios—something that is uniquely achievable in this city. AREA Issue 1 unfolds into a depiction of perspectives of the intensely fast-paced city that is SF, but also reveals an antithetical casual, Californian pace.

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