Emotchi is an emotion reading device that helps users take needed action towards bettering their mental well-being. 

3D Designer, OEM

Industrial Design


When we combine information from an experience with our feelings about it, we have an emotion. We are often able to intuitively choose the correct emotion word for our experience and feelings, and then use the emotion to determine what need is not being met, how to adjust our behavior or environment so we can get our needs met and have more comfortable emotions than uncomfortable emotions.
Some emotions may feel impossible to identify, others are misunderstood. Before we can learn to manage and regulate our emotions, we have to first bring awareness to what emotions we are experiencing. People can use the Wheel of Emotions to identify their emotions and come to terms with how they are feeling and, ultimately, become more self-aware and self-compassionate.
A device to help you identify your current emotion. Place the device in your open palm. The device will beep once it has identified your emotion. Each letter corresponds to the primary and secondary emotions of the Wheel of Emotions. Once identified, seek out the appropriate action to help you elevate or alleviate that emotion.

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