Loop Pen

Loop Pen designed for @designstudiosaic and heavily inspired by @charliewhiskeytango Pen Type-C.

I was recently invited to present at SAIC on the importance of learning how to collect and catalogue signals of our environment and use them in developing our visual taste to imagine new realities. This was a two part series called Senses Research.

In part one I spoke about the importance of being a collector of worlds, images, links, resources and acting like antennas of the world by really absorbing the signals we interact with in our day to day life. At the end of the talk I assigned the students to begin cataloguing their world and gave them each an Energel ink refill to design their own pen around.

A week later, in part two, we used our collection of visual signals to help us visualize our pen designs in KeyShot.

I want to thank @yajurvi_haritwal and @anuranza of @designstudiosaic for the invite as this was really helpful for me to reflect on the way I collect signals in my past, present and future.

Memory Designer


3D Printed combined with Energel Ink 0.7mm

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