Terraforms is a collection of modular desk containers that rest upon a terraformed base. Each module can be composed to create a variety of unique desk landscapes. We explored new forms of collaboration by sharing concept ideas through Apple notes and sending our in progress models in augmented reality through iMessage.

Designed with Chris Ference

Industrial Design

Concept, view in AR

We drew inspiration from natural landscapes and specifically terraced rice fields. Homes built in these areas seem to fit perfectly into the layered earth.

The red corrugated container allows pens and pencils to rest on top with three sections for storage below. Hut has a flat roof with a chimney to access items inside. Pond lays at the bottom of the mountain and provides access to commonly accessed goods. Flower has a fun top that doubles as a coaster. Factory can hold post its and other items in the groves on the roof.

Throughout the process of developing Terraforms, we discovered new ways of collaboration while designing the ultimate productivity tool. We strived to bring the outside in and allow users to reclaim their desk space.
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